peb is the moniker of electronic musician and composer daniel evans. their work is concerned with alternative harmonies, meandering pulses and algorithmic precision, where sound is seen as an inextricable part of space. their research is in computational models of intonation and tuning, offering new horizons in sound that would be unrealisable in the physical world. their current live performances involve the creation of immersive sonic environments through suspended tones and chords played out and slowly progressed over an extended period of time. they often use the acoustic properties of phasing, minutely detuned harmonies and septimal tuning to create intense psychoacoustic effects. these effects are site specific, and the performances are often tailored specifically to the site of the performance. audience members are encouraged to interact and participate within the sound field and performance/speaker setups can accomodate this unique audience/performer relationship. this show has been performed across the uk, on bills with up and coming electronic artists such as rian treanor, rkss, teresa winter and ewa justka. upcoming events include a residency at ems stockholm and an ep with manchester based label mutualism.

see performance videos, audio and images below: