peb is the collected digital work of Daniel Sunil Evans. Their work is concerned with alternative harmonies, meandering pulses and extreme acoustic precision, where sound is seen as an inextricable part of space. Their research is in computational models of intonation and tuning, offering new horizons that would be unrealisable in the physical world. Their live performances involve the creation of immersive sonic environments.

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‘like a musical game of chinese whispers, repeated figures change almost imperceptibly until they have totally metamorphised […] an Autechre-esque staggered melody transforms into grinding granulation which then takes on a rhythm that could only be described as rollicking’ - The Wire Magazine


‘one of the most talented young sound artists, visual artists, maker of stuff’ - LOFT


‘atmospheres, manipulated sounds, and beats created by all manner of wizardry […] it is like some muzak feed into the factory of the future where robots are assembling humanoid creatures’
 - TQ


MA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths University of London (2018 -2020)

BA(Hons) Music and Social Anthropology , SOAS University of London (2015 - 2018)

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EMS Stockholm Guest Composer [July 2019]

SOAS Undergraduate Vacation Research Award [June 2017]

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2D Worlds / multidimensional club spirals / blue, purple sonics / viscous seas of chords / non-directional  / chaotic metamorphosis / single sided raves / dynamic improvisation / working round and round and round and round…